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The board of Abivico recognizes the importance of good governance and the role it plays in encouraging a higher level of corporate performance. The board has adopted and operates within a robust set of governance policies which are designed to enable entrepreneurship and innovation to thrive within a framework of accountability.

The policies that we have adopted at Abivico place the interests of our shareholders at the centre of our activities and are designed to enable the board to be accountable for the direction of the company in its central aim of creating long-term shareholder value whilst recognizing that we have stakeholders. Good governance practices, which incorporate the principle of conducting our business with integrity and transparency, have the wholehearted support of the board.

Victor Ogbolu - Managing Dirctor

Managing Director- Victor Ogbolu

The Managing Director Mr. Victor Ogbolu is a professional and specialises in International Trade and Marketing. He has had more than 10 years experience in the Oil and Gas Industry and further in Marketing and Sales Development.




Sandra Ogbolu - Executive Director

Executive Director Sandra Ogbolu

The Executive Director Sandra Ogbolu is a tourist and hospitality specialist. She had more than 5 years working experience as a Marketing Officer in an Oil and Gas Industry.