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We source and supply materials, equipment at the most competitive prices from anywhere in the world for the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical and power industries.

Oil Trading

We source for markets for sale of various petroleum products ranging from crude oil, Automotive Gas Oils (AGO), Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), Base Oils, Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK) and Aviation fuels etc.


We are involved in various constructions ranging from Mechanical to Civil and Electrical. We are poised to handle Front End Engineering Designs for various projects.

Some of our constructions are listed below:

Mechanical Construction

  • Laying of Pipeline, Construction and installation of Flow lines
  • Rehabilitation, Construction, Fabrication and Installation of manifolds
  • Emergency pipe leak repairs, Clamping, Sleeving, Clock Spring, Hot and Stoople
  • Refurbishment of process and other rotating equipment electrical or mechanical pipeline/flow lines
  • Construction/installation and emergency repairs Storage Tanks, Refurbishing and Construction, Onshore and Offshore Horizontal & Vertical flare stacks
  • Flow station upgrade
  • Trunk line Construction Installation and maintenance of Steam and Gas Turbines, Boilers and Heat Exchangers. Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation and Commissioning (EPCIC) etc.

Civil Construction

  • Jetty Construction and upgrade
  • Foundation Construction
  • Road and Drainage Construction.

Electrical Construction

  • Installation of switch gears and controls
  • Installation of transformers, Distribution and control panels
  • Laying of steel conduits and cable trays
  • Installation and maintenance of Cathodic protection in above ground and under ground pipes and vessels using magnesium oxide as sacrificial anodes or other modern technology in use
  • Laying of cable for lighting, switching and controls for navigation
  • Maintenance of same in an existing installation
  • Maintenance of Motor control centers in switch gears
  • Calibration of relays, Solenoids in Generators
  • Installation and maintenance of three phase induction and squirrel cage motors, etc.